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A former Visiting Scholar with The Wilberforce Forum, the Christian worldview think tank founded by late Charles Colson, Reuben David has spoken in India and America. He has addressed media and religious groups. Born and raised in India—home to Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism—Reuben is well versed in the practical realities of comparative religions today.

His first-hand knowledge of religions, cults, and the competing philosophies and ideologies of our day has made him a popular lecturer and seminar leader with university students and adult audiences alike. 

Mr. David holds masters’ degrees in mass media, psychology, and religion from Regent University in Alexandria, Virginia, USA and from Bangalore University in India. A former professor of journalism at the North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Based in Mckinney, Texas, he is the Founder/Director of Launch Asia Ministries. He speaks worldwide on spiritual issues and currently divides his time between India and America. 


"Reuben David was a visiting scholar with the Wilberforce Forum for nearly two years. We respect and appreciate him and his keen mind. He has a broad knowledge of international culture and world religions and is an articulate defender of Christian faith." 

–Charles Colson


"Reuben David is a wonderful young Christian brother whom my family and I came to know well while he was a graduate student in the U.S. I admire his love of the Lord and his heart for the spread of the Gospel. He is intelligent, well read, articulate and full of enthusiasm. He has a very broad understanding of global missions. I warmly recommend him as a speaker on spiritual matters." 

–David Aikman, Former TIME Journalist, Author, Jesus in Beijing


"Reuben David is a genuinely gifted speaker and a man of remarkable clarity of vision and discernment. In a world chock full of complex and often outrageous ideologies, Reuben helps people to clarify the issues and to appreciate the steady and reliable witness of the authentic Christian faith."

 – Jim Nelson Black, Ph.D Author, When Nations Die


"Reuben David is a deeply committed Christian with a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the Bible unusual for his age. He is a clear thinker with a keen interest in bringing principles of faith to the marketplace and effective public speaker." – 

–J Douglas Tarpley, Ph.D Former Dean, Fine Arts & Communication, Biola University


“I met Reuben David at a lunch Bible Study a couple of years ago. As we spoke to each other the conversation turned to the Kingdom of God and we instantly connected . A couple of weeks later we found ourselves enjoying a cup of coffee together and I found myself profoundly moved by Reuben’s passion for the Lord. I also realized that as I left our coffee meeting that day I was more encouraged in my faith than I had in years. I asked Reuben to speak

at our church and when he came a couple months later to minister, our congregation absolutely fell in love with him. He is an unashamed lover of Christ which comes through every part of his preaching. His unique ability to articulate a Biblical worldview that is theologically sound, incredibly interesting and culturally relative is truly a gift. Without a doubt when it comes to guest speakers I am asked this question more than any other, “When is Reuben

David coming again?” I’m glad I can answer them easily because we already have him scheduled and because I’m

looking forward to hearing him just as much as they are! He is one of the most genuine and humble men I’ve met in ministry in years.”

-Michael Gamble, Senior Pastor, Radiant Life Church, Mckinney, TX

“Reuben David is a passionate warrior for the the Gospel. His heart breaks for the unreached, and he does more than reach out. Because of his international background, having born and raised in India, he knows what it’s like to live in a predominantly Hindu culture. He speaks on the supremacy of Jesus Christ among all other religions. I would recommend him as a speaker and minister of the gospel.”

-Ron Woodruff, Director, Reasonable Faith, Collin County and Dallas Chapter


“I had Reuben David to speak at our church and he was a blessing to all of us. Be inspired to live your faith with confidence, boldness and grace. Reuben David will strengthen your understanding of God's word from a biblical worldview.”

-Sue Detweiler, Author, radio host and pastor of Life Bridge Church, Mckinney, TX


“I’ve known Reuben David as a wonderful friend, a fine Christian apologist, philosopher and culture warrior. If you are looking for someone to challenge your church both in intellect and heart and encourage them to live for Christ in the marketplace, he is your best choice. He is passionate, brilliant and well versed in global missions. These are just some of the words I would use to describe Reuben and his ministry.”

-Dr Jarrett Stephens, Teaching Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX


"I have known Reuben David since 1998 when we first met in Bangalore, India. At that time he was a journalist for the Deccan Herald, a newspaper in India, and I was on the staff of the Bangalore Baptist Hospital where I had worked for the previous 24 years. Mr. David did an interview and wrote my story and that began a friendship. We have remained in touch intermittently over these past almost 20 years. I can recommend Mr. Reuben David as an international speaker on issues central to the Christian faith. I pray that God will bless his work and ministry. "

-Rebekah Naylor, MD, Founder, Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Fort Worth, TX

Speaking Topics

  • Global Gospel and Missions

  • Jesus among other gods

  • What is so great about Christianity?

  • The Cross, The Crisis, The Culture

  • A Post-Christian America

  • Contending for Truth in an Age of Relativism 

  • The Decline of Religious Freedom 

  • Transcendence and Social Media

  • Biblical Authority in a Changing Culture

  • Crisis of Human Identity

  • Global Shifts in Christianity

  • Christianity and Multiculturalism

  • Seduction of Hinduism In America

  • The Influence of Eastern Religions

  • Answering the 21st Century Athiest

  • Science and Christianity

  • Christianity and the Arts

  • Revival in America

  • Faith and Technology

  • Israel and the Middle East

  • Understanding the Signs of the Times

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